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Love is a Beast with Gentle Eyes

HorseSisters Common Sense RanchIt was crisp and tranquil that November evening. We galloped beyond the
boundaries of HorseSisters Common Sense Ranch with carrots in our pockets.

The Myriad Monikers

We came upon the name-plaques, sniveled around, and came upon some horses and a man. The lone volunteer with a grizzled beard frilling in the wind, clad in red attire, was bustling about with the night’s feeding. We approached the horses happily.

Redolent of Black BeautyGorgeous black horse named Spring (I think that was his name, the horses do like to play “musical stalls” at feeding time) and I instantly toppled in love. As he munched his hay, Sir noticed that Spring resembled one of our rabbit companions at home, named Bunion. Then Sir mused, “Wow…These horses are just overstuffed rabbits, then.”

So, do you enjoy all that crawling around on the ground you do?

This fine, russet bloke, by the name of Nova, I believe, was most intrigued by my camera. He sniffed it a bit before resuming his evening hay. He seemed amused by me when I began to crawl about on the ground- a little show to go along with his fine dining.

Ceased with the Evening ChoresWe departed from the males and went skipping over to the mares where we suddenly discovered carrots in our pockets. The lassies were most animated and gobbled them up avidly. Sir was scared of their leathery, probling lips. His visible fear was amusing to observing horses and humans, alike. And with that, the night’s chores were done, the moon had risen, and stars pierced the navy sky. It was time to dolefully depart. No better way to spend our Thanksgiving than with such wonderful creatures.

HorseSisters Common Sense Ranch:  Equine Assisted Therapy and Rescue is located in Titusville, FL, and free to the public on Thursday nights. Abused or aging horses are rescued and brought to the ranch, where they participate in providing riding therapy to disabled individuals. It is all volunteer-run, and it is groovy!



Autumn Jade