First entry by Sir, on his new blog- a little anecdote about the misadventures he endured on the long, nocturnal drive he took the night before a major life-changing interview.

to sire with love

These Lonely, Nocturnal Wanderings, Deep into those Grimy, Noir NightsThe following travesty of Justice happened back in 1983 when I was in my early Roaring Twenties, freshly on my own.

At the time I was living in a one-room apartment in a somewhat scary part of the city, in Ohio. Down the street loomed a drug den and lawmen sirens were sonorously heard often through the night. I had a most beaten-in Dodge Valiant, but it ran (usually). It got me to university- that’s what mattered. I was living the life of Ramen noodles and had a gas stipend from Dad, and I wore his old, hand-me-down brown tweedy suits that were too short. Fabulous times.

I had just wrapped up my College Major of Technical Communication (one of several majors tried on, and then this one I kept- stupendous entry job ads on Prof’s door really helped!) and had now signed up for the so very few slots…

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