A bovine-involved adventure with Sir

to sire with love

Yesterday we undertook a delightful jaunt into the dark mysteries of Central Florida, near Orlando on a splendid cool winter’s day.  Part of the Florida Trail System (many trails set up by volunteers marking trees in the forest) loomed up in a Wetlands area.  We could not resist, so we sauntered forth on our latest adventure.Odd, but the trail seemed to start by a gate.  Cattle stood nearby.  Where was the trail?  We saw a sign saying “Take Care of Cattle.”  Do we enter this field?

A knotted rope fastened the gate and I undid it, we shuffled though, and tied it shut behind us.

I suddenly realized we were right in the cattle field, and several huge bovines were ambling nearby.  I spotted the sign for the Trail across part of this field past a number of cattle, so it meant you are to join them briefly in their pasture to…

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