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Downtrodden Dull dysthymia
Lurches in dawn
Hearing wind chimes
And conscience gone

Pneuma, a ragged reflection,
Stolid, bold as the barren kern
That stumbles into scathing sea
These eyes of limestone, wrathful burn

It is captured, then bleeds detached-
Down-trodden, the Lone Leaf that flits
In the cool wind’s mist, a grey wheeze
Vomits barnacles, writhes and spits

Doleful lil' yellow leaf

Reticent It swims in pools of rain
Gathered in the craggy gutter
Lil’ yellow leaf swirling alone
Decays there with doleful flutter

Such is a Soul
Dead cries implore
Mute, say one thing
And nothing more

Bleary Days