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Jubilant WavesCacophonous wind carries seagull drawls,
the bell buoy’s alarm and bleating boats.
Sweet breaths take in morning laughter,
fingers skimming the chiming waters;

the harmony of the sea
tickling the Surfer’s soul,
saline breeze against His back,
breaking waves beneath His toes.

Saline RuminationCrying plaudit, the art of elation,
wax and salt, and squinting eyes,
greet the sun of auriferous creation.

Glitters what is born of Pastel Dawn.

Rogue in the WavesA sky of free-thought and clarity,
testing the nerves, tempting Humanity-

recall no concept of finality,
spill like a wingless cherub
smiling inside the curling blue.

DecemberSurfPoised, there, in the Glass Barrel
is the conception of Stillness
where the rains never penetrate.

Surfer, encompass the ride eternally-
the ocean pulses through Your veins.