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Asphault SummerCreeping grey shadows-
The young evening rain-
Spindling down ridges
Of a blue landscape
Jagged spine rising
With thin crimson veins
Bound about this face
So stumbling inert
Quashed and well-erased
Thoughts, like sooty stains,
Squelched, livid between
These muddy fingers
Groping through the gap-
Opiod Blizzard

AsphaultDroll and frenzied cries
Waft up from below
As the metal groans
Deft feet kicking
Minims ricocheted
Her soft infant face
Punched with eyes of stone
Hands red and rusting
In this place, her home,
Wet, bent and ugly
A one-swing grace-land
In a pebble sea
Pendulous laughter
Like sugar in rain
Dissolving slowly

Asphault RodentMuculent trenches
The buckling of time
Her maimed childhood
A mute, mewling cry
In the yard below
Her timid summons
A wind- brushed, hollow
Drowned at the window
Never leaking through-
Opiod BlizzardPaternal instinct
Escaping through gleet
Glinting on grey toes
Razored knees, limp eyes
Fixed on the canvas
Of barren ceiling
So stoic, above-
Restive memory
Cryogenic now
Such impotent Love
And nothing beyond-

Asphault loansSagging plastered sky
And a muffled sound
Perhaps a housefly
At the window
Has come ’round