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IncognitoMilky morn vanquished by the sluicing firmament- Man Incognito slides along gritty pavement.

A lapse in the torrent, and he is a blur before me, blank in the vacant street. I recede deeper into the sliding grey shadows that bleed down from the eaves.

Bullets of mercury rain ricochet upon the fissured sidewalk.

Stooped beneath that drooping, dripping checked fedora, he is hazy-still.

Incognito2His nose is glinting sharp, dark glasses flecked with rain-

Looming before me like a condor.

His unseen eyes gawp into me from the drear, and there is a flitting moment of strange Recognition- as the sun struggles to dissolve the steel-mesh above.

Then comes the drowning deluge, and he glides on, scrambling after the Darkness, leaving splinters of misty rainbow in his tracks.